Tessa and Chris | Many Glacier

October 9, 2017


Tessa is so sweet and I totally fell in love with her over email when she was getting ready to book, and as soon as she told me Chris was her fiance I wrote back I KNOW HIM. But I don’t. I mean somehow I know of him, we have a million friends in common, so we must have crossed paths at some point. Apparently Chris told her the same thing HAHA. But we don’t know when or how or any details lol. I’m super stoked for their wedding next year, it’s going to be an unfair amount of fun.

They knew right away they wanted engagement photos in Glacier, make a little adventure of it. They were drawn to Many Glacier but none of us had been there this time of year and it’s WAY up on the north east corner of the park near Canada. Everyone says the west side has more color than the east side. So we left it to think about. But last week I started seriously creeping instagram for photos of Many Glacier and there was lots of color, and it looked soooo pretty. Who ever keeps saying the west side is more colorful never made the effort to go around to the east side cause it’s UNREAL! They wanted mountains and up there is just prime. The weather didn’t look ideal by any means but it looked doable. We decided doable was worth the risk and we all drove the 5 hours up there.

I went up early to get a little grasp on what we were gonna have. It rained the whole drive. Rained as I pulled onto the road going in and then turned to sleet and quickly it was snowing. The mountains were totally socked in. I almost cried. Did we just come 5 hours for this?!?! Took a breather and went to the bathroom and came out and the sun came out and it cleared up!!! I about died, this I could work with! I drove out to a spot to meet Chris + Tessa and it snowed again!  But then it cleared and then the wind came. The sun tried to peak out later and the mountains never fully cleared but ohmygosh you guys it was sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL! We couldn’t have planned this!

The wind whipped at almost 30 mph and left us with -5 degrees with windchill!! AH! But we jumped right into photos, running through fields and so much laughing. Tessa killed it in the crazy wind on the side of a mountain in a gorgeous dress. And the snow fell. It was so cold I felt almost creatively stuck cause I wanted to keep them warm so rushing through thoughts and ideas and they were so amazing, the photos are just incredible. I’m seriously showing them off on my phone with everyone I run into!

Everytime a couple takes a risk on photos I’m at awe with what happens. It never goes out as we planned and although in the moment it might not have seemed ideal. The images are so much more than we could have ever planned. And the memories to go with it, you’ll never forget!

Tessa + Chris, thanks for the wild ride already!!! Hope you love them <3


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