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Missoula MT Backyard Wedding Photo Reception

Fuck yes. Fuck yes.

When you say something twice it just feels like you should say it again. Third times the charm or something. So…

Fuck yessssssssssssssss!

When I first started photographing weddings I thought ‘Man, if I could just be good enough to get one published!’  Then once I had one featured I just wanted more. Then I started making goals to have weddings published by specific publications. And Junebug Weddings was the first to make the list. Right at the top.

I’m obsessed with Junebug. The photographers & images they feature make my creative soul sing. They’re inspiring beyond belief. Then when you actually go to their site the design draws me in. So clean, simple, yet impactful and covered in incredible imagery. And every time I’d look at their site I’d tell myself one day I’m gonna have photos I’ve taken grace these pages.

It isn’t about the details of the wedding or needing to feel validated that my photos are good enough. It’s about the reach to the brides I can identify with across the world and inspire them with beautiful images of love.

In mid-June I showed up at Marlena & Ryan’s wedding. The tables had been put out but that was it. She sat on the porch getting her makeup done, while the boys fished, her dress just hanging in the wine cellar. Even though nothing was really set up and it was just starting to get into motion it already took my breath away. There was something about it. The aura. The vibes. Whatever you want to call it. I knew this was going to be one for the books. And it sure was!!!

At the end of the night I sat in my car. Just sat there. For another 10 minutes. Just watching them so happy, so deeply in love, so drawn to each other and still dancing under the lights strung up in the front yard and I felt like this was the one. This was the one for Junebug Weddings.

I submitted it and just a couple days later they emailed a response. And right there in the subject line….

Your wedding has been selected for publication!

Cue the dancing and jumping and giddy laughing and screaming! For a solid 30 minutes before I even opened the email. Even now I’m still that excited.

On Sunday Marlena & Ryan’s incredible wedding was featured!!! I can’t thank Junebug enough for accepting this wedding and spreading it across the internet, Facebook & Pinterest. *hugs*

Marlena & Ryan congrats you two. You had one of the best and most memorable weddings of all time. And I mean that!!! Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing it!


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