March 3, 2016

A Note to a Younger Me | Seattle Wedding Photographer

A Note to a Younger Me | Seattle Wedding Photographer

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Last week I found these amazing photos of a slightly shorter and slightly younger me. I started saying out loud, literally, the things that I wanted that girl to know as if she wasn’t even me. So in honor of Throwback Thursday I wrote up a little note to the younger me with killer hair and wicked fashion –


Damn girl you are tough.

And weird. But we’re all a little weird.

At times you will feel broken. But you are not damaged.

You always have a choice.

Those things that you feel strongly about, that you feel called to, don’t go away. Follow them. Pursue them. You don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer to be successful.

Actually success is subjective. You decide what that looks like for yourself. Set your own standards. The world doesn’t own you.


Beauty isn’t skin deep. It’s messy.

What makes you different isn’t ugly. It’s the best part of you.

Go. Just go. Sitting still will kill you. Reflect for a moment. But keep going. You’ll slow down later in life. Just don’t slow down too soon.

The only reason you need to do anything in life, is that it’s what you wanted to do. Period.

Love is stupid. Sometimes crazy. But the best love is crazy AND stupid. Don’t try to make sense of it, just let it happen.

One day Pluto will no longer be a planet. Don’t worry, it becomes a planet again. Well a dwarf planet, whatever the fuck that is.

Have regrets. It means you took risks. Taking risks will eventually lead you to somewhere beyond what you imagined.

Turns out your hair looks awesome when you don’t brush it. So don’t.

Tragedy will come. Don’t push it away or suppress it, accept it, it never truly leaves. Let it build you up, don’t drown in it.

Skip student loans, you’ll eventually follow your heart and not use that degree anyway.

Don’t forget where you came from. Scandinavia. So drink vodka.

Your little sister will one day be your best friend. Crazy… but it’s true. Be nicer to her.

Write. Seems simple, it isn’t.

Laugh and smile everyday. Even on the hardest days there is happiness to be found or created.

You’re pretty damn special, and you matter. Keep it up.

Love always.





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  1. Stella Kelsie Throop

    March 4th, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    So good. ❤️

  2. Sara O'Hara

    March 4th, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Well this is about the greatest thing I’ve seen all week! Love you lady 🙂

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