April 4, 2016

Where Do I Live

Where Do I Live

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I recently made changes to my website that I really thought no one would notice. But turns out people did. Maybe even you did. And it’s become more frequent that I hear about it or get some questions regarding it that I thought maybe it was time to address it. This question of ….

So where do you live?

A few months back I changed the title of website to say I’m a Seattle Wedding Photographer. And then I put Seattle on Facebook. And on Instagram. And probably everywhere. And now I’m clearly confusing people.

So here’s what’s up –

I want to move to Seattle! Ha. That’s really the base of it. Montana is beautiful and it’s been my home most of my life. And it will always be home. But my heart has just been pulled in another direction for a while. A long while. There are just so many things holding me back from just picking up and going and whatever happens, just happens. That’s what I want to do. I’m having to resist my  normal impulsiveness.

About 9.5 years ago I went to Vancouver, BC for the first time. Truthfully I left a bit of my heart there from the beginning. I fell in love with the feel of the city, the hustle & bustle, the beauty, mountains all around that I could be up on in minutes, and back down at the ocean in a few more. It felt progressive, where Montana life feels more complacent. To me anyway… just my opinion.

Since then I’ve felt the pull to move away. There are a million other factors, personal ones, about Montana that have also played a part in this desire for something new. Stuff maybe I’m not ready to share yet.

No secret I’m obsessed with Vancouver. I’d love to move there someday but moving to another country is much different than another state! A few years ago I  took my daughter, Caterina, to Seattle for a little mini family vacation. This kid has traveled the world, literally, and she is so in love with Seattle, it’s her favorite. And for the last few years I’ve taken her every year for a summer getaway and it’s become such a special place for just us. At one point she told me she wanted me to take the day and think about it and if I decided I wanted to move to Seattle to move “tomorrow.” If it only it were that easy.

But I’ve put the ball in play. I approached my SEO guy and we built a plan to a get my work noticed in Seattle and the surrounding area so I can start a transition. Which is working!

Do I still photograph weddings in Montana. HECK YES! I still live here. But even when I don’t I’ll always be coming back here. My daughter lives here. My friends live here. My little sister lives somewhere around here 😉 It’s home. And it’s beautiful. I’ll absolutely continue to work and play in Montana probably forever.

I’ve always served the Pacific Northwest for photography, just now I’m telling google I absolutely do 😉 That’s really all. It’s just a transition on a work in progress to keep moving forward in my life.

I’ve been hearing the chatter of confusion and realized maybe it was just time to formally address it. Nothing has actually changed and if/when I move further west, nothing really will change then. I will continue my travels where ever my incredible job may take me.

And there ya have it!!! HAPPY MONDAY gorgeous people!



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