January 14, 2015

Behind the Scenes of 2014

Behind the Scenes of 2014

I’m always excited to upload my second shooters images. One, I can’t wait to see what they got from their point of view while we shot all day. Two, how big of an ass did I make of myself today? …

I could have added a zillion photos to this post but I decided to pick just a few. This is really what’s going on….

Hanging off ledges. Taking over Las Vegas streets. Testing light… aka dancing. Meditating. Taking Selfies.

I assure you taking a photo like this is completely normal.

Nevermind. Who wants to be normal.

As if this groomsman doesn’t know he’s a little tall I clearly felt the need to inform him that he was. Even though I couldn’t accurately show him how tall.

And my short girl problems continue…..

And I’m a butterfly catcher!! I swear I had that little butterfly on my finger.

The one time there was just that one string sticking out there and it would not stay down. No scissors to be found. We did what we had to do.

What do you want from me Schenaye?!!! Yeah. Just look the other way Matt! Ok really what is going on here?! HA!

Seriously what do you people want from me!

Pterodactyl…. NAILED IT!

I guess I use my arms when I talk. But this group is listening. So it works!

This group……. they aren’t listening to me are they? Maybe I should have used my arms then.

I’m pretty sure I lost this battle with this child. He’s gonna stand where ever he wants. I appreciate your confidence, kid.

So I took a different approach with this kid.

And when things are slow and we’re all hanging out waiting around you should get comfy. House slippers anyone?

As the summer went on I started to realize that I really do my best to always be attractive. You’re welcome.

A little high five action for my bro, cause his wife is lookin’ HOT on her wedding day and he’s bout to see for himself!

Veil dancing. Similar to ribbon dancing, a little bit of a different technique. It’s a real thing.

Just follow me my peoples!!!

But really, the best is all the laughing that happens with my peoples.

What’s real fun in life if you can’t spend some time laughing at yourself. There is so much ridiculousness I could share, but there are more shenanigans to be had. So until it’s time to share those. Peace!





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