Summer Backyard Wedding in Montana

Whimsical Bride and Groom walking hand and hand in a field at sunset in Whitefish MT
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The original plans weren’t a backyard wedding, but when an issue with their original venue came up, Lindsey + Kevin decided to just go for it! Originally from California, these two lovebirds just moved to Montana so why not throw a housewarming party – wedding style!? 

It won’t take you long to realize that these two are absolute babes. A smokin’ hot couple, but with the sweetest + most generous personalities around. You already know I’m a sucker for anyone who foregoes tradition and while at first glance their wedding appears to be a bit on the traditional side, they were actually making their own rules right and left! I was rolling every time Kevin would walk into the house where the bridal party was getting ready. Everyone would gasp and tell him to get out of town, but Lindsey just laughed. “He sees me every day, why wouldn’t he see me now?” And I agree. It’s your day, do whatever ya wanna do! 

They had a backyard wedding in a clearing just beyond their home. The trees were their backdrop and their guests sat in church pews in the grass. If you have any idea how to repurpose church pews for everyday use, maybe send a message Lindsey + Kevin’s way LOL! They actually bought the pews from an old church that was being sold to use for the wedding. Now they could hold a whole congregation in their backyard, so party at their house!!! 

After the sweet ceremony in the afternoon, we headed over to Big Mountain Ranch for cocktail hour. Goldfinch Events knocked this one clear out of the park with the decor. Dreamy lanterns and greenery draped everywhere in the gorgeous barn space, whew!! It was a beautiful night. 

The reception dinner went off without a hitch and we snuck out for some of those gorgeous golden hour photos on the ranch. Lindsey’s dress was flowing as she danced and we ran across the field chasing the evening light. 

Back at the barns, Lindsey changed into another little stunner outifit, but this one was a little slinky satin dress and tall cowgirl boots. Kevin also switched out his coat jacket. That could only mean one thing, the party had started! There were drinks, there was live music, there was dancing. It was a damn good time!!! 
For more backyard wedding inspiration in Montana, check out this blog at the Homestead on McVey! You don’t even need to use your own backyard to get all of those cozy, laid-back intimate wedding vibes.