Enchanted Engagement in Glacier National Park

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Sometimes things just do not go as planned… isn’t that life in general?? Well same was true for Lori + Brandon for their wedding photos! We had an original plan for their photos in there wedding attire after a private ceremony as life would play out… that is not what happened, lol!! After some changes in the park entry system that we were not prepared for these two just jumped in with creating a plan b! My kind of people. Everything turns out better when we’re fluid + flow with life’s craziness!

So the back up plan was to go into the park one evening for a relaxed + fun couples session! The only time that really worked with their travels was prior to their wedding and they wanted to save wedding attire for their wedding day, no first look in advance kinda thing. Which I’m one hundred percent behind! These hotties showed up + although Lori wasn’t in her wedding dress she was looking amazing in a red dress that popped off the background of any area we explored.

All day long it was calling for rain! We don’t worry about the weather around here, we can’t control it + it’ll change in 5 minutes anyway haha. The rain held off + the sun even peeked out every once in a while. So after a few shots of Jameson in the parking lot straight from the bottle + some White Claws to go, we set off to explore + capture their sweet little moments along the way. Wandering lakeshores, scaling rocks by waterfalls, stopping every chance we could get to take in the lush spring greenery of the forest around us. Lori’s dress with a plunging neckline that made her look effortlessly freaking gorgeous, turning every head that passed us along the trail. We ended the night on the rocky shores of Lake McDonald, jamming out to music + dancing surrounded by the absolute stunning views of Glacier National Park in the background. The sun didn’t quite make it out for sunset, but we didn’t even need it because those two were too busy making their own magic. The images speak for themselves!!