Spring Engagement In Missoula MT

missoula mt engagement photoshoot
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There’s nothing like a spring engagement photoshoot after a long winter in the mountains! And Ky + Sky brought some bubbly spring time energy to their session in Missoula. Seriously, it was almost an entire shoot of cracking jokes and being total idiots goofing around!!!! If you’d meet these two, that wouldn’t surprise you at all! 

I won’t lie to you, a spring engagement photoshoot in Montana comes with a bit of uncertainty weather-wise. One day you might have a few inches of snow, and the next day sun, followed by a forecast of doom and gloom. But that’s just springtime in the mountains!!! The morning of Ky + Sky’s session was not looking the best. In fact, I even encouraged them to consider changing the date! But due to scheduling issues, we went through as planned, and hallelujah the rain held off!!! Well kind of. There was a bit of a drizzling and some moody clouds moving in, but the skies held off for our quick little session and honestly, we love a moody sky!!! 

Even with a bit of haze, the mountains were in full view and the grasses were just turning green after a freezing winter here in Montana. Being from the plains of Iowa, these two were obsessed with the rugged landscape of the area! So I knew a good little spot in Missoula with mountain views and some magical little forested sections for some variety in their shoot. It was best time photographing them as they loved on each other and yes…laughed their asses off the whole time. 

Kylee is a real goofball, always joking around and embarrassing Skyler every chance she could get. This girl had no shame in her game and honestly maybe I should hire her for just that! Her jokes kept these two babes smiling and completely comfortable which created beautiful natural + candid images!! A crush-worthy spring engagement photoshoot for sure! 

Engagement sessions are soooo freakin’ fun! They can be whatever you want them to be. These two were in town for a wedding so they decided to get some while on vacation! But you can create stunning engagement photos anywhere. Your backyard, your favorite pub, your house or some tropical island somewhere!! Looking for some engagement photoshoot inspo?? I’ve got ya babe! Head over to the blog and browse anything from a spring engagement photoshoot in the mountains to a waterfall session in Glacier National Park to a black and white in-home session!