Kelsey + Nathan | Sunset Cliffs San Diego

August 13, 2019

They’re so mesmerized by each other. She is everything to him and you see it every time he looks at her. He lights her up. Every time she looks at him she starts beaming. He gets her to laugh like no one else can. It’s so freakin’ beautiful.

I actually first met K+N a few summers ago when they asked me to photograph their engagement photos outside Seattle at Snoqualmie Falls.

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Maggie + Quinn | Montana Snowbowl

July 25, 2019

Sweetest souls on the planet these two. The speeches this night referrence their kind and generous hearts over and over. Quinn’s brother wanted to roast him as Quinn had to him at his wedding but his brother couldn’t come up with a single bad thing to say about Quinn. And Miss Maggie. She’s so incredibly loving and doctor nowwww!!! She knows what she wants but matches Quinn perfectly making them the sweetest souls on the planet.

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Katie and James | Jamaica Wedding

June 11, 2019

I love the spirit of these two. This carefree, going with the flow, create things as they come cause in the end they have each other and that is all that ultimately matters. The perfect mindset for a Jamaica Wedding! They planned so little before even getting to Jamaica. Once they were there they actually decided where the ceremony would be, the reception, all the timing, and details. Just days before really. How freeing is that?!?!

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Morgan and Karl | Many Glacier

June 6, 2019

Morgan + Karl visited Glacier one summer and just fell in love with it. As soon as they got engaged they just knew they had to go back there and elope and they started planning their spring Glacier National Park elopement.

Glacier is a seasonal park and they hoped to be able to go to the Many Glacier area. That area closes during the winter and opens sometime in May…

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