A few weeks ago I hosted my first ever in person live shoot and whoa! I loved it so much it won’t be the only one I do. I regularly receive emails and messages about how I photograph couples. Everything from how to get emotion out of them to how I got a certain light to what lenses am I using. The truth is each image is a collective of each of those questions. Lighting, creating emotion and what lens to use when. So I decided to host a workshop at sunset (fingers crossed we’d get one) and I’d show photographers in person what I do. It was a blast!

We didn’t get that sunset. And truthfully this workshop didn’t go quite as I had planned. Some big storms rolled through and I thought I might get lucky with timing and miss them but that wasn’t the case and right as the workshop happened we had a small window to actually shoot and I surpassed some of the starting teaching part and threw it in on the fly so we could shoot while the weather let us and then it poured for a while and we were able to talk and discuss things and then get in just a few more images before my models just about froze to death haha.  They were serious champs and damn good lookin ones!

I’m self taught and have such a huge heart for putting out information to educate those just starting or working to grow their business. We all have room to continue improving but what a blessing to connect and hang with people who have been commenting on my blog foreverrrrr and help them with new tips and tricks and encourage the growth of their craft and businesses.

Do not worry I will be doing this again! No set date but there will be another opportunity for it!

But for now, some images that I took at the workshop. Thank you thank you to Habitat Floral Studio for running with it and creating the most magnificent bouquet when the only thing I told them was desert rose. Their work is amazing and if you’re getting married or have an event with a need for flowers or plants, these ladies are for you!  And another big thank you to Velvet Bride! Their collection of dresses is stunning and I had so much fun and such a hard time trying to pick a dress but the Truvelle dress they let us borrow from the shop was AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU ladies!!!





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I have a huge heart for photography education. This fall and winter I spent quite a bit of time thinking about where and how I could educate more. How can I help people on their photography journey. And where in their journey do I want to help. There are just so many areas. But what I can do and really be of service.

One thing that really speaks to me is helping people take better photos, period. Those who may not even identify as photographers. The world travelers who want the images they take to really be exactly how they remember seeing each view. People who love photos and are thinking of photography as a serious hobby, or maybe even a career, but have no idea where to start. The mom’s (0r dad’s, not biased here) who have bought nicer cameras to take better daily life photos of their kids and family.

Camera’s at a glance seem very complicated and confusing. And people simply just don’t know where to start with them. Truthfully, they really can be extra complicated. These days they have sooooo many features and can do so many things. But you don’t need to know every feature of your camera to take beautiful images.

I’ve had several of my friend’s husbands come to me over the years asking what camera to buy as a gift for their wives but then as the years go by she doesn’t use it simply because she doesn’t know how to use it. It’s overwhelming!

I’ve decided it’s time to help you. The mom/dad. The new hobbyist. The traveler. The aspiring pro photographer. Anyone, really, who wants to just simply take better photos.

So I’m offering a 1 hours workshop on some photography foundations!!!!!

I’m so excited! February 15th in Missoula, MT from 6:30-7:30p I’ll be hosting a workshop to cover some basics of your camera, what you need, don’t need to pay attention to, photo tips, and some lighting education as photos are really all about lighting. A little secret, these tips will even help if you’re just taking photos with your phone!!!! Space is limited and seats are only $35 so grab a friend or come make new friends…. Or both 😉 and join us for some fun at the Photo Foundation Workshop!!!

Get your seat HERE!!

I can’t wait!! Any questions contact me above!!!! WHEW!





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50 Percent off Sale Wedding Photographer

I love a great deal. As in 99% of my Christmas shopping is done. And I didn’t buy any of it on Black Friday! So I staretd thinking that if I love such a good deal during the holiday season why am I not offering one to you?! And by a deal I mean I like a damn good deal not that 10-15% crap 😉 So here it is, for the first time ever!

The 50% OFF Sale!!! Thru December 2nd!

All portrait sessions, single mentoring sessions, 10×10 albums, & canvases are 50% off!!!  

I won’t be offering this often. MAYBE once a year. MAYBE! 🙂 So definitely get your’s now.

If you’re thinking about how you need an engagement session soon, this is for you. Want another chance in that dress let’s do a day after or trash the dress. Already one of my current couples you can add them onto your collection! Same with albums and canvases! Add them on. Or if you’ve been married for years and want the perfect keepsake to let the best day of your life and beginning of your family live on forever… this is for you! Honestly the best deal ever for a lay flat, leather bound album. Have a blank wall dying to have an image of you and/or your family hanging there, this is the chance to get a beautiful large canvas put up there.

Everything is priced as –

Portrait Sessions – $250!

Single Mentoring Session – $125

10 x 10 Wedding Album (30 pages)  – $300

20 x 30 Canvas – $125

24 x 36 Canvas – $150

30 x 40 Canvas – $175

32 x 48 Canvas – $200

The sale runs through Friday, December 2nd. You do not have to have your session by the 2nd or even have all your photos together for your album. Just grab and reserve it and we’ll plan it out for sessions and work on albums and canvases as you can decide on images. Simple and easy!!!

Shoot me an email to book your sesh or grab some goods! – jacilyn@jacilynm.com

I hope you all have the best holidays ever!!! It’s snowing here. Finally feels like winter!







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Las Vegas WPPI_0001

Last year I took a break from conventions and conferences in the photo industry. And honestly I regret that. I didn’t think I needed to go and didn’t want to spend the money but I felt the weight of it before the wedding season even started. The lack of inspiration. The doubt. I missed out on building on my relationships with other photographers and vendors and creating new ones. I missed out. I was wrong. Missing events affected my business and me personally. So I wasn’t going to have that this year. I figured I’d play 2016 by ear other than WPPI that was going to be a must go.  And just over a week ago I headed to Vegas for the big event.

Vegas is crazy. On it’s own. But WPPI there is so much going on. So many things I want to check at the expo for my biz. Networking events. My own event for She Will Thrive. Catching up with old friends. The list goes on and on. FOMO is a real thing and we all have it. Staying up til 5am each night just to make sure we don’t miss something and up and out by 10am for sure so we don’t miss more. It’s wonderfully exhausting.

I didn’t even attend a class this year. But it’s amazing what 3 days with like-minded people can do for your spirit. People who challenge you but believe in you. Sometimes more than I even believe in myself. I’m still on a bit of a high trying to sort all of my thoughts and ideas and where to go with them, what to do first.  I did make sure when I first came home to write down the biggest lessons. Whether they came from a one on one conversation, or a group conversation, or some were just thoughts that smacked me in the face with no conversation needed, here they are. My lessons from Vegas.

  1. Community is so powerful. Relationships created on the idea that we are better together. Helping each other. Supporting one another. Building each other up. And the reminder that we aren’t alone.
  2. Believe in magic. Enjoy things as they are. Let them happen. Not everything has to make perfect sense with limits and boundaries. They can just be.
  3. Sleep can come later. Not too much later or I might get sick and die. That’s only sort of an exaggeration. But it can wait a few days 😉
  4. Good is still good. Everything doesn’t need to be great. And really what is great if everything is great. Just a reminder that good things are still good. Give them credit, be proud of good things. We can’t be great constantly. Good isn’t bad. Even though something might be small that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant.
  5. Just dance. It makes everything better. Even bad back pain. At least momentarily. As long as you don’t stop and you always have an alcoholic beverage 😉
  6. Inspiration is a collaboration. It doesn’t just miraculously appear. It starts somewhere and grows. Surround yourself with people who inspire. Dreamers. Thinkers. World shakers.

I have been a freak since I got home. Fluttering around. Totally been screwed by the time change, but my mind hasn’t stopped racing. From these lessons, thoughts and ideas brought up by this trip.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go. And to those of you willing to give me a slice of your time til 5am you have a special place in my heart. I’m forever changed by you. I’m stoked to see this industry move forward with you all leading the way!

Some of these lessons/thoughts came from conversations on a walk with Meg where my extreme exhaustion played into my inability to keep my walls up and I emotionally broke down. Tears on the Las Vegas strip wasn’t on my agenda. But I’m so thankful for a friend that refuses to let me drown. That hour walk was monumental. I kept busy most of the trip that photos never happened. Except on that walk we found a white wall, pulled out our cameras and we laughed.  I love these beautiful images we took of each other. And why isn’t our hair that great everyday?!

SignatureLas Vegas WPPI_0002Las Vegas WPPI_0005Las Vegas WPPI_0004Las Vegas WPPI_0003Las Vegas WPPI_0006





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