Jen and Forrestt | Whitefish MT

July 26, 2018


At the end of the night Jen and I stood facing each other and she said “Um, is this where I say goodbye to you?!” I told her “nah, talk to you later!”

Jen + Forrestt are a very special couple and have really made an imprint on my heart. He’s a firefighter and she’s been working 2 full-time jobs while planning their destination wedding in Whitefish MT at Forrestt’s grandma’s. And if that wasn’t alot going on in itself they’re right in the middle of adopting a sweet little girl. They have some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known. It was such an honor to witness them and their love and even more so to be the one to preserve these memories forever.

Forrestt grew up going to grandma’s and running crazy with his cousins in the fields and they transformed the property into the most beautiful wedding venue. Forrestt’s cousin stood beside him, and Jen’s aunt beside her while sweet P came running down the aisle to daddy. He gave her her own little ring, cue the tears. Even now going through the photos I have a permanent smile. Jen’s relationship with her dad is so amazin. They stood together at the window looking out just before the ceremony as he gave her words of love and support and tears fell. He gave one of the best dad speeches ever and picked her up and swung her around the dance floor as if she was still his little girl, literally.

They partied into the night under the lights. A keg stand may have happened. Forgot to cut the cake so we just moved it to the bar ha! And at the end of the night Forrestt picked her up and carried her through sparklers their favorite people held over them. It was so beautiful!!

Jen + Forrestt, love you forever!


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