Summer Backyard Wedding in Red Lodge

backyard summer romantic wedding in Red Lodge MT
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Have you ever been to a summer backyard wedding with 370 people? Because I can officially say I have! Okay okay, I guess it makes it more of a field rather than a yard. But this big, beautiful wedding did take place at the bride’s parents home! And holy moly, it was a good time.  

Carter + Dan, where to even begin with these two! The most chill humans I have ever encountered. Their day was laid back and go with the flow, just like they are. And you know how some people are like yeahhhh we go with the flow, but on wedding day the stress of it all just kinda does its thing? Well not with these love birds. 

It’s not too often I have a bride that actually says she wants to spend the least amount of time possible taking photos. HAHA! As a photographer, I was a bit shocked by that. But also flattered that she had the trust that I’d capture the important moments of her day and still be able to deliver a story, without taking whole chunks out of their time spent with loved ones. (Which not to brag, but we totally did!)

You can tell they truly care about the people around them (all 370 of them lol) and at the end of the day, that’s what matters most. They said heck yeah to forever in front of so many groups of friends – ones from the college trip to Peru where they met, other college friends, childhood friends, family, the list goes on. It’s been awhile since I was surrounded by THAT much love and damn was it something special! 

Not only was the energy unmatched, but it was seriously stunning as well. Carter looked effortlessly gorgeous in her caped wedding gown and Dan looked handsome AF in his green suit (no tie, they’re chill remember!!!) The florals and colors were so different from other summer backyard weddings – earthy tones, sunflowers, carnations, herbs and even some veggies – you’ve gotta take a look for yourself! All of the planning was done by the talented Soiree 99 Events and the stunning florals were all The Wild Blume. 

To end their day, they brought in Diamond Empire Band from Utah and jammed all night long. When I tell you I’ve never seen a wedding dance floor so packed and lively, I mean it. I could barely get myself in there to take any photos! It was definitely a reception of the summer. 

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