Windy Moody East Glacier Elopement

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I’m crushing so hard on day after adventure wedding sessions? Allllllll of the honeymoon couples sessions and day-after wedding shoots, I absolutely adore them!! It’s a chance for you + your partner to step out of all of the stress of wedding planning, the hustle + bustle of your wedding day, that’s done + over with. You can go wherever YOU want to go, do whatever YOU want to do + celebrate the fact that you are so wildly in love. It’s a beautiful thing. Wedding attire or casual. I am freakin’ IN!

For Mycah + Myles, all they wanted for their post-wedding plans was some mountain adventures! They got married at home in Minnesota, but then took to the road + planned a trip going to places like Glacier National Park + Grand Teton National Park! They had the idea to get wedding photos in a place that felt more true to themselves, yet be married at home with those they love the most. They really enjoy rock climbing + hiking + spending time in the mountains, so why not do wedding photos with insanely scenic views while on your honeymoon?! 

So we did just that!! They promised that they were down for any weather conditions, so we headed to St. Mary’s on the east side of Glacier National Park, where we knew we might encounter some crazy wind! And damn, was there wind!! The kind of wind you need to have a wedding dress + veil whip around in the air like crazy (30 miles per hour type of crazy). Photos always make those types of photos look like it’s a breeze flowing through when really borderline headed to a hurricane weather lol. We got some rain here + there, but still spent the whole time running across fields + chasing the sun wherever we could possibly find it trying to peek through. By the end Glacier went + gave us a touch more magic for the day with a bear sighting. The coolest, it’s always exciting!! 

It got a little wild out there, but M + M fully embraced what Mother Nature was giving us that day. In return, we got some crazy beautiful images. Images that truly reflect their wild + adventurous love for one another. Loving these!!

Xx, J