Emily and Kevin | Glacier NP

August 7, 2018


Earlier this summer Emily + Kevin went up to Glacier the night before their engagement photos in Many Glacier. The next morning half of Montana was covered in pouring rain and radar showed it was supposed to continue all day. We didn’t know what to do. We had a chat and thought we’d feel it out a bit cause weather is unpredictable here. I left a bit later for my drive up there and they messaged me an hour into the drive that they had gone up to Many Glacier and the mountains were just socked into the clouds. Ultimately we decided let’s try again another day. Why drive the 5 hours up there for unfavorable weather and then not even be able to see the grand views we were going for.

So a couple weeks ago we met up in Many Glacier for their photos and it was the perfect night for them! Sunny with some clouds. And the bugs were insane! Which ultimately was awesome because Emily is actually quite intrigued by the bugs and when the sun sets they light up the sky like glitter. And they were caddisflies, they don’t even have mouth parts so they’re harmless. It was amazing to look at something in nature that most people can’t stand and swat at and see how beautiful they could actually be. They aren’t there anymore so we timed that just right for a girl that loves bugs.

The light that night was to die for. I say every session is my favorite, it’s my new favorite. But this one will definitely stay on the faves list. These two lovebirds, the lighting, and mother nature’s natural sparkle are hard to beat. I’m up there a few times each week and it’s never been like that again. So incredible.

Emily + Kevin congratulations you babes!!! So excited for you and your future together!!!


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