Wynn and Jen | Glacier Proposal

July 30, 2018


Wynn planned a quick getaway to Montana to propose to Jen and the week leading up to their trip he started writing her love notes each day. At the end he’d give some hint to what was coming. Such as PS you’re going to want to pull out a bag to pack. And, don’t forget hiking shoes. Another ending with make sure you have something nice for dinner. And in Wynn’s own words a little information led to alot of preparation and Jen had everything she could possibly need haha. She had no idea even where they were going til they check in at the airport.

Meanwhile he messaged me and planned out this sweet day of going through Glacier National Park, doing some small hikes, just hanging in mountain fields, and then would take her to dinner and afterwords take her for a walk to a waterfall and propose to her and we’d surprise her and do engagement photos at sunset.

A few days before their trip Wynn emailed and said hey ok I have to tell you what I’m thinking. He started to feel like there might be some point in the day as they ventured through the park that it might just feel right and he’d want to propose. And if he did he’d set up the camera and nonchalantly take a photo and propose but he’d let me know and still do engagement photos and asked if that was ok. Which I absolutely loved. I get the point of proposal photos, I do. But I’m just someone who goes with the moment and how it flows. And it doesn’t have to be a big planned out thing to be special. I actually think it’s those smaller moments between you that are the most meaningful. And that if in that moment you can’t look at her an not ask her to marry you, please please please do it! Regardless if I’m there, or even if you had the camera rolling. The memories will be documented even if it’s a selfie. But nothing should stop you in the moment.

That afternoon I got a text that he proposed while they were chilling in a wildflower field staring at the mountains towering over them. I couldn’t be more happy for them! That’s perfect!!

Wynn still surprised her telling her they’d be doing engagement photos after dinner. We met up in Two Medicine hanging on the lakeshore, driving like wild people to get up above the lake in the coolest spot looking out at the valley. And then even though it was dark we still had to go down to the waterfall that Wynn initially planned to propose it, it was just right.

It was incredible and so beautiful! Congrats you two!!!!!!! So excited for you!


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