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Mesmerized by the way two people love each other, each so uniquely.  I always leave room for dessert. Believe swear words are just sentence embellishers. Think indulgences are necessary in this life. 

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Parties with all the best people in their lives.

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Love stories in all forms without the white dress... or maybe they wore white, it happens.

Just my little thoughts on different topics of planning your wedding day big party or just you two.

Stories of two lovers making it all about them, as they should.

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One of the coolest things is having publications editors reach out to you about including your work in a feature. The fact that they found it somehow. Google. Pinterest. Instagram. Wherever. They found it. And in the sea of millions of wedding images each year they connected to your work. And connected enough to reach out to you and ask to use it. It feels so damn good!

One of the editors at Destination Weddings & Honemoon’s reached out to me a few months ago about the upcoming May/June issue that just went on stands this week. The whole magazine dedicated to epic settings. And then a few weeks later she came back and asked for more images she’d seen for another article! So 3 of my 2015 weddings have some appearances in the brand new issue!!!!

So amazing! Becky & Chris’ epic Iceberg Lake elopement and Michelle & Nathan’s beautiful dinner table (designed by Habitat Events with some help from The Party Store) are on the front page of Destination Weddings & Honeymoon’s guide to getting married in the national parks! Then Carolina & Abe’s sweet boat ride on Swiftcurrent lake in Many Glacier is featured in another article on getaway vehicles!!

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons thank you so much for believing in me and my work to feature it. And thank you to my couples entrusting me with that amazing opportunity! Congratulations you guys! You rocked it!


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